Asset Secured Investments.

All investments are fully secured against real estate, with properties that are appraised by CRA or AACI certified appraisers and reviewed by our highly experienced underwriting team. Each situations is rigorously analyzed and exit strategies are crafted.

Equity Capital Advantage.

Investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products have been putting their money in Mortgage Investment Corporations and real estate related investments. Equity Capital offers a portfolio of low-risk asset backed investments.

Above Average Returns

Equity Capital works with wealth managers and financial advisors to add a fixed income to the clients’ portfolio that are secured against real estate in Canada. Our investments achieve higher returns than other investment vehicles, while adding stability and reducing volatility.

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Equity Capital Mic is a Canadian based Investment Firm providing investors access to a diversified pool of Real Estate and Mortgage Investments. As an established leader in the Canadian Real Estate and Mortgage Industry, Equity Capital MIC's focuses on markets with strong growth fundamentals, typically in urban cities across Canada. Investors can now earn higher returns on their investment with a peace of mind knowing their investment is secured against real estate assets. With many years of experience within the real estate and mortgage industry, Equity Capital has the knowledge and experience required to underwrite and fund low risk, high yield mortgage investments.
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Equity Capital

Between Equity Capital's MIC and Administration arm, Equity Capital has helped many investor achieve above average returns.

421 Investors

588 Deals Funded

743 Assets Under Administration


Our Investment Services

Private Equity
Real Estate Fund

A pool of investment capital allocated to the acquisition of residential income producing properties. This fund has a target return on investment of 8%+.

Mortgage Investment Corporation

Owning shares in a mortgage investment corporation enables you to invest in a company which manages a diversified and secured pool of mortgages.

Direct Mortgage

Allows investors to invest capital in a single mortgage investment. This type of investment matches an individual mortgage with a single, or multiple investors.

Your investment capital is in good hands with Equity Capital MIC.

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