Secured Investments

All investments are fully secured against real estate, with properties that are appraised by CRA or AACI certified appraisers and reviewed by our highly experienced underwriting team, borrowers situations analyzed and exit strategies crafted. Our policy is to be completely transparent to our investors by providing financial statements as well as, a customer service experience that is unparalleled in the industry.
Equity Capital MIC Direct Mortgage Investment

Build Wealth in Canadian Real Estate

We analyze every application that is submitted to Equity Capital, each deal goes through a thorough screening process before being presented to our investors. We work with only hand picked accredited appraisers and real estate lawyers and make sure all the due diligence is completed for you.

Who Borrows From Equity Capital

Equity Capital lends money to people who would or have been turned down by more traditional institutional lenders like banks, credit unions or large alternative lenders. As such, we are able to charge significantly higher interest rates on the mortgages we provide. With the hot housing markets in areas such as the GTA and Vancouver, many borrowers have sought money from Equity Capital to purchase homes or bridge gaps in funding. We have a maximum loan-to-value of 80% in certain geographical areas in each province. Equity Capital will deploy it’s capital on First Mortgages and Second Mortgages in urban cities with a consideration of rural cities at a lower loan-to-value of 70% to maximize security.

We Represent the Investor in Every Transaction

Private mortgages in Canada have proven to be a successful investment vehicle for decades. Our firm specializes in finding a mortgage that is best suited to your investment goals/risks. Our average annual ROI to investors are from 8-15% depending on risk tolerance. Equity Capital is focused on building long term relationships with our investors to help them achieve their investment goals. Whether you are a new investor to mortgage investing or an experienced mortgage investor, our firm goes through a consultation process to analyze your risk tolerance.
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The Process

  • 1

    Deal Received

    A fully packaged mortgage application and supporting documents are submitted to Equity Capital

  • 2

    Deal Review

    The underwriter executes the due diligence on the file

  • 3


    Approval is issued with terms of the mortgage outlined

  • 4

    Lawyer Review

    The mortgage is instructed to the lawyer for final review and signing

  • 5


    The mortgage is registered against the title of the borrowers property title

Advantages of Investing With Equity Capital

Investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products have increasingly been putting their money in Private Mortgage and real estate related investments. Streamline Financial offers investors a portfolio of low-risk first and second mortgages across Canada. Our investment strategies are focused on residential properties located in urban and suburban areas in highly desirable municipalities.

  • Access to residential mortgage markets not typically available to individuals
  • Less volatility than equities and more security than bonds
  • Higher yields than traditional investment products, such as Bonds Mutual Funds and GICs
  • Stable, reliable monthly income paid directly from the borrower to the investor
  • Mitigated interest rate risk, through short-term loans and floating rate loans

Real Estate Security: 1st or 2nd mortgage on the subject property. All mortgages are required to have title insurance

RRSP / RRIF / TFSA Eligible: Self-directed RRSP, TFSA or RRIF are eligible to invest.

Targeted Returns: Target yield of 8-15%.

Management: The Principals of Equity Capital have years of mortgage investing and real estate experience.

Diversification: Investors have the ability to invest in multiple loans as well as desired geographical locations.

Regular Income: Investors receive their interest payments on a monthly basis.

Administration: Equity Lenders Mortgage Administration Inc (FSCO#12588)

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