Equity Capital Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Equity Capital invest in real estate assets with strong cash flow across multiple asset classes, including multi-residential, distressed properties, and long term hold residential properties within Canadian markets. Our experienced real estate team underwrites, finances, acquires and oversees the management of these real estate assets that fit within our defined investment profile and mandates.
Equity Capital MIC Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Benefits of Private Equity Real Estate Funds

1. Investing in income-producing apartments and mortgage investments–the most stable sector of real estate that yields consistent returns
2. Monthly cash distributions
3. Long-term growth potential
4. Stable, rational pricing with lower volatility and low correlation to major equity markets
5. Real estate ownership without responsibility of management
6. Experienced professional management team

Focused Investments

• Distressed Properties
• Multi-Family Residential
• Residential Real Estate Acquisitions
• Power of Sale Properties
• Cash-flow Producing Rentals
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Investor Advantage

• Results Oriented – Expected annual total return target between 8%+.
• Monthly Income – Monthly cash payments distribution to investors
• Transparency – Investment terms, strategies, and guiding principles are provided prior to investment.
• Mitigated Risk – The Fund operates under a strict set of guidelines for assessing investment opportunities and leverages strategic relationships
• Diversification – The Fund diversifies the portfolio of investment types, terms, and geography to ensure investment is not dependent on any one project.
• Security – Equity Capital holds the title of every acquisition

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